Hailing from Wisconsin, this singer/songwriter trio turns stories about love, life, and experience into creative lyrics and memorable melodies with a blend of guitar, piano, cello, and tender harmonies.  Although acoustic/folk genre best categorizes this group's music, they pull inspiration from a broad musical palette, such as blues, gospel, country, and rock roots to create a unique and colorful sound.

Paul grew up in Northwestern Wisconsin, and even while listening to a lot of rock/alternative acts, developed an appreciation - passion, even - for acoustic driven music.  One day, a college friend gave him an old nylon stringed guitar and Paul's life changed forever.  After years of writing his own songs and playing guitar in a cover band, the need to share original music with others became too much to ignore.

Born in the town of Clintonville, Sussanah began writing songs and taking piano lessons at age 5 and grew up playing hymns and gospel music in her small, country church.  Sussanah fuses her classical piano training with gritty, powerful vocals and lyrics that are hauntingly raw and honest.  Along with her passion for songwriting, she shares her love of music each school day with young musicians in her classroom.

Together, Sussanah and Paul started by sharing their own originals with the other in an effort to gain feedback and grow musically.  It didn't take long, however, for collaboration to begin!  The result of those early sessions included "Sandcastles", "Dreamcatcher", "Miserable" and  "Burning Bridges".

Finding North added a third member, James Wesson, in 2018.  James is a cellist that has proven to be a perfect compliment to many songs in the Finding North catalog. Like Paul and Sussanah, James is an area teacher, sharing his love of music with his students.  Please stay tuned to the website for news and show dates.  Also, please join our mailing list!