It's funny how some light can find its way through dark times.  The pandemic created an inevitable slow-down to live music, which prompted Finding North to get to work creating their first studio album, Anchors and Arrows.  Each song focuses on things in life that can be considered an arrow to move forward or an anchor that weighs us down.  Or, for some, maybe it is an anchor to keep us grounded and an arrow to stop us in our tracks.  Either way, Finding North is excited to share their work with you!

Stay tuned for a CD release show date, how and when to get your hands on the music, and a list of upcoming performances.

Finding North is fronted by Paul and Sussanah Herrick, who have a passion for telling stories through lyrics and music.  While they sometimes perform as duo with piano, guitar, and vocal harmonies, Finding North calls upon some outstanding musicians to fill out their sound whenever the venue calls for the full band.

Check out samples of the songs from Anchors & Arrows  on our Music page, and don't forget to order some sweet new merch from our store!

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